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1.  Lasting Disability after COVID-19 Virus Infection:

Virus Attacks Many Different Organs:

Severe Disease in Children - Kawasaki disease: 


2.  Asymptomatic & Presymptomatic Spread:
Report which Reviews 16 Studies Concludes the Preveillance is Between 40% to 45%:

CDC: Asymptomatic and Presymptomatic Spread: 

Asymptomatic Spread of COVID-19 Nursing Homes: 

Asymptomatic Spread of COVID-19 Cruise Ships

3. Lasting Immunity is In Doubt

Antibody Levels Falling in 3 Months or Less:

COVID-19 Produces Modest Neutralizing Antibodies

Sweden's Population Does Not Have High Antibodies:

California's Population Does Not Have High Antibodies:

Spain's Population Does Not Have High Antibodies

USA's Population Does Not Have High Antibodies

Herd Immunity

Vox Reports Reinfections

4.  Effective & Promissing Treatments:



Dexamethasone -- Reduces Death By 1/3 in Ventilatory Dependent Patients:

Antibody Serum:

5.  About Diagnostic Tests:
Summary Articles 

True Pos., False Pos., and False Neg. and True Neg:

6. Disinformation Campaign:
In The United States:

In the European Union:

7. Hydroxychlorquine (HCQ) - Unlikely To Be Effective
FDA Removes Emergency Approval:

EU Governments Ban HCQ for use with COVID-19:

Negative HCQ Studies:

Positive HCQ Study Withdrawn:

Negative HCQ Study Withdrawn:

8.  Public Wearing Masks
Public Should Wear Masks - How to Prevent Spread: 

Large Meta-analysis Published in the Lancet - 172 Studies:

WHO:  Recommends Public Wear Masks: 

Cloth & DYI Masks Are effective:

Masks Saves Lives

9.  Comorbidity Risk Factors  

10.  Viral Stability
Environmental stability. 

Heat and the Coronovirus: 

Warm Weather and COVID-19 Virus

How soap absolutely annihilates the coronavirus.

Sunlight destroys virus quickly:

12.  Highly Contageous
R0 of 5.7/ 


Dangers of Churches and Singing:/em> 


13  Bacterial Secondary Infections
"Half of non-survivors experienced a secondary infection, and ventilator-associated pneumonia occurred in ten (31%) of 32 patients requiring invasive mechanical ventilation." 

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