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Impact of COVID-19 on immunocompromised populations during the Omicron era: insights from the observational population-based INFORM study
INFORM and EPOCH Studies Unveil COVID-19's Heavy Toll on Immunocompromised Individuals
Recent INFORM and EPOCH studies shed light on the significant risk and poor outcomes faced by immunocompromised individuals due to COVID-19, emphasizing the need for tailored prevention strategies. 
"Immunocompromised individuals continue to be impacted disproportionately by COVID-19 and have an urgent need for additional preventive measures beyond current vaccination programmes. These data can help determine the immunocompromised groups for which targeted prevention strategies may have the highest impact."

CDC's COVID-19 Strategies and The Americans with Disabilities Act
Letter to the CDC regarding the adverse impact of new recommendations on immunosupressed individuals and how they may conflict with the Americans With Disability Act:  Oct. 24 Letter    Updated Action Letter     View CDC's Responses   
Public Health Experts Ask CDC Director to Broaden Input on Revisions to Key Infection Control Guidelines
On July 20, 2023 a letter was sent to the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requesting the agency's Healthcare Infection Control Practice Advisory Committee seek input from more stakeholders and the public, recognize the importance of infectious disease transmission by inhalation of human-generated aerosols, and ensure the application of interventions from all levels of the control hierarchy. Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy. Aug. 24, 2023.  

View Action Letter Regarding CDC/HICPAC - July 20, 2023  Download Letter
View CDC's Response - Aug. 18, 2023   Download Letter
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CDC HICPAC Meeting Aug. 22, 2023  Download Agenda

Meeting Videos

1. CDC HICPAC Meeting - Isolation Precautions - Aug. 22, 2023 
2. 20230822 CDC HICPAC Meeting - Final Question Work Exposure - Aug. 22, 2023

3. CDC HICPAC Meeting - Andes & Nipah Virus Precautions - Aug. 22, 2023 

4. CDC HICPAC Meeting - Public Comment - Aug. 22, 2023
5. Public Comment: CDC HICPAC Meeting - Infection Control Standards.
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh, MD, MS, from Health Watch USA(sm) makes the case for better CDC infection control recommendations. Respirators or PAPRs should be used when treating all airborne respiratory pathogens. Knowledge of a patient's microbiome is of paramount importance. Asymptomatic carriers in hospitals and nursing homes should be identified with screening and undergo isolation and decolonization protocols. If this fails, cohorting nursing home residents with compatible microbiomes should be considered. Enhanced Barrier Precautions are inadequate to stop the spread of disease. They may even enhance spread by providing a false sense of security. Finally, we must protect the most vulnerable in our society and implement protective strategies in compliance with the ADA. Universal masking in healthcare facilities should be implemented to accomplish this goal. CDC HICPAC Meeting, Aug. 22, 2023. View YouTube Video Comment.       View Written Comment.
CDC HICPAC Meeting Jun. 8-9, 2023   Download Agenda  Download Record of Proceedings
Presentation Video YouTube Playlist    

Download CDC Presentation Slide set: Lin M, Wright S (Co-Chairs). Isolation Precautions Guideline Workgroup. CDC HICPAC. June 8, 2023 CDC Slide Set

Public Comment: CDC HICPAC Meeting June 9, 2023 – Enhanced Barrier Precautions
Enhanced barrier precautions is advocated for use to mitigate the spread of CRE and C. Auris in Nurshing Home Settings. These are highly dangerous organisms. A clinical trial is certainly indicated before planning for adoption in non-research settings. A better approach is screening to identify the microbiome of residents, decolonization and cohorting if decolonization is not successful. It is concerning that the CDC appears to be moving forward with EBP where there is little evidence supporting their effectiveness with dangerous pathogens and also appears to be considering abandoning N95 masking where there is decades of occupational research supporting their use. Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC), June 9, 2023. View Written Comment 
YouTube Video:  

The Need for Effective Policy to Prevent Airborne Spread of Pathogens -June 8, 2023 CDC HICPAC Meeting
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh discusses the need for universal and continued use of N95 masks in healthcare settings. Firm standards regarding building ventilation needs to be set along with firm and clear guidance to prevent spread. Comment before the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC), June 8, 2023. View Written Comment
YouTube Video: