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1. Mpox (Monkeypox).
2. Efficacy of masks.
3. Heart attacks in the young.
4. CNS damage and MRI changes from COVID-19.
5. Severe fatigue and persistent symptoms at 3 months after COVID-19.
6. Worsening of asthma post COVID-19.
7. Decreased access to healthcare with long ER wait times.
8. Private equity firms hiring fewer ER doctors.
9. Mortality and economic impact of COVID-19 and benefits of the vaccine.
10. Ivermectin fails another clinical trial.
11. Newborns born to symptomatic COVID-19 mothers have a higher incidence of neurological problems.
12. Upgrading PPE for staff cut hospital-acquired COVID-19 infections.
13. Antidepressants can enhance antibiotic resistance in bacteria.