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Health Watch USA 2017 ConferenceHealth Watch USASM Conference
Nov. 3, 2017
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2017 Presentations & Resources
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 Said Abusalem, RN, PhD - Culture of Safety and Leadership in Long Term Care Facilities
Said Abusalem, RN, PhD - Culture of Safety and Leadership in Long Term Care Facilities YouTube Video 
Chris Aiello - Rory Staunton Foundation
Chris Aiello - The Impact and Prevention of Sepsis YouTube Video
Robert Bridges, MD Presentation on PET Scan Findings in CrCo Hip Implant Patients Robert Bridges,MD - Brain Toxicity From Cobalt in Artificial Hip Implants As Seen on PET Scan YouTube Video
Joycelyn Elders, MD - Importance of a Culture of Patient Safety
Joycelyn Elders, MD - Past Surgeon General Tthe importance of creating a culture of patient safety. The importance of transparency, disclosure of medical errors and a just culture are key to fostering of a culture of patient safety.
YouTube Video
NHSN MRSA Data Showing an Increase for 2015
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, MS - The Need for Better Tracking and Reporting of MRSA Infections in the United States YouTube Video
External Resource
         Lisa McGiffert - Consumer Union - Patient Safety Accountability Lisa McGiffert - Consumer Reports - Patient Safety Accountability YouTube Video
Emily Paterson, Patient Advocate
Emily Paterson - Patient Advocate YouTube Video
Madris Tomes
Madris Tomes - Medical device adverse events: You don’t know what you don’t know YouTube Video
Stephen Tower's presentatoin on cobaltism and brain toxity in hip implant patients
Stephen Tower, MD - Metal Poisoning and Brain Toxicity in Patients With HIp Implants
YouTube Video
Keynote Presentations
Ivan Oransky, MD
Ivan Oransky, MD - Co-Founder of Retraction Watch Discusses Scientific Research Integrity
YouTube Video
Retraction Watch
Retraction Watch Database
Deborah Nelson, JD   University of Maryland
Deborah Nelson, JD - Deborah Nelson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Discusses Conflicts of Interest and Healthcare Policy External Resource

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