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Kentucky Hospital Rankings  

The below diagram shows hospital ranking by various aggregate measuring systems as of May 8, 2013..

Download Table of Kentucky Hospitals - PDF

The ranking systems used are as follows:

#1.  Leapfrog Group (Columns on and Two) has two separate ranking systems one which ranks all hospitals using publicly reported quality measures (Column 1), the other (Column 2) uses the leapfrog Survey, which hospitals can choose to take.  

#2.  US News and World Report also list hospitals that have high performing specialties (Column 3)   This score focus on capabilities, mortality and reputation, only 5% is on safety. 

#4.   CMS Penalties/Bonuses for Value Purchasing, and Readmissions (Column 4 and 5).  Adding the penalties/bonuses in Column 4 and 5 produces a Composite Penalty/Bonuses.   Source:  Data from Kaiser Health News:  

#5.  Designated as a Top Performer in The Joint Commission (TJC) Survey of four Key Performance Categories (Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Surgical Care).  Hospitals were given a ranking of 0 to 4 depending upon who many categories they received recognition in.   Source:  The Joint Commission (9/18/2012): 

#6.  Nurse Magnet Designation    This designation is given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center - A devision of the American Nurses Association     Source: