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  • 2020, Mar. 18: Armando Nahum, a nationally renowned patient advocate tells his personal story of how he lost his son to a healthcare acquired infection. He also discusses hospital performance improvement under CMS's partnership for patient program and the importance of patient engagement.

  • 2020, Jan. 15:  Jonathan Furman gives a short presentation and update regarding the dangers of quinolone antibiotics. In Kentucky, on average, there is greater than one prescription of quinolone antibiotics per person per year. YouTube Video:

  • 2019, Aug. 21:  Dr. Stephanie Strathdee and Dr. Thomas Patterson present their real life struggle of Dr. Strathdee to save her husband, Dr. Patterson's life from a totally antibiotic resistant bacteria, acinetobacter baumannii. Her search discovered a 100 year old therapy, bacterial viruses or phages. With the help of the Naval Research Department, Texas A & M, University of California at San Diego the treatment was given to her husband who was on the brink of death. And it worked, placing bacterial phages at the forefront of medical research to stop the epidemic of drug resistant bacteria. Now a best selling book "The Perfect Predator"  YouTube Video:

  • 2019, June 19:  Andrew Jacobs, NYTs reporter on the health and science desk discusses their investigate report on candida auris. The need for greater transparency and the implications of this epidemic. Health Watch USA Meeting. June 19, 2019.  YouTube Video:

  • 2019, May 8:   Melissa Clarkson, PhD discusses her recent BMJ commentary regarding the term "Second Victim" and how it is viewed by patients who have suffered medical harm. Health Watch USAsm meeting May 8, 2019.   YouTube Video:  

  • 2019, April 17:  Reena Duseja MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer for the Quality Measurement and Value Based Incentives Group, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services discusses CMS's program of quality metrics to promote healthcare quality and consumer choice.

  • 2018, June 20:  Rosemary Gibson discusses her new book, "China RX: Is Our Drug Supply Safe?", an investigative report into the dependence on China for the provision of crucial medications and the difficulties it creates for FDA oversight and more importantly for national security. YouTube Video:

  • 2018, May 23:  John Santa, MD, MPH  discusses the research and patient experiences which support the use of Open Notes, an initiative to make doctor patient notes readily accessible to the patient. The initiative was found to create, greater patient trust, satisfaction and engagement in their medical care.
    YouTube Video:

  • 2018, Apr. 18:  Sarah Robinson, PA.  Although there is no existing test to rule out Sarcoma, if caught early without spread, Sarcoma is curative. Do say "NO" to your GYN surgeon who offers you a cosmetic "bikini incision" laproscopic hysterectomy, a surgery which uses the power morcellator tool to grind your uterus into smaller pieces removed from "keyhole" incisions. Your life may depend on it". Health Watch USAsm Meeting April 18, 2018.   View YouTube: 

  • 2018, Mar. 21:  Kevin Kavanagh, MD.  Multi-drug Resistant Bacteria - Incidence, Prevelance and Healthcare Transformation.  The presentation discusses the epidemic of multi-drug resistant organisms and their prevention, projected economic impact and patient mortality.  In-depth discussion is given to C. Difficile, CRE and MRSA.  Download PDF of PowerPoint   YouTube Video:

  • 2018, Jan 22:  David Lind, (Founder of the Heartland Health Research Institute) presents the results of Iowans' views on the reporting and transparency of medical errors. Health Watch USAsm Meeting - Feb. 21, 2018.  View YouTube 

    2017, Sept. 20:  Kim Witczak gives a perspective on medication safety and the FDA drug and device approval process.
    YouTube URL: 

  • 2017, July 19:  Matthias Maiwald, MD, discusses research integrity problems with research on the efficacy of the antiseptic chlorhexidine. Specific topics relate to incomplete reporting of methodology, errors in data interpretation, clinical equipoise and bias in meta-analyses. Specific attention is given to WHO indications for the surgical antisepsis.  YouTube URL:

  • 2017, July 19:  Noel Eldridge, (Senior Advisor AHRQ) presents on national trends of CAUTI infections in the United States during the July 2017 HW USAsm meeting. "There were statistically significant declines in observed bladder catheterization frequency and adjusted CAUTI frequency in some patient populations between 2009 and 2014."    View YouTube Video: 

  • 2012 Jun. 21:  Joleen Chambers from FiDA (FAILED Implant Device Alliance) discusses several dangerous medical devices along with the lack of sufficient testing and post-market follow-up.  View YouTube Video

  • 2017 Apr. 20:  Dr. Neel Shah, MD, MPP, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at the Ariadne Labs for Health Systems Innovation: Presenting on the wide variation in cesarean section rates across the United States.  YouTube Video: 

  • 2017, Mar. 15:  Gerald Hickson, MD Senior Vice President for Quality, Safety and Risk Prevention, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Vanderbilt University, presenting on patient complaints and the early identification of rude surgeons and risks for adverse events and surgical errors. YouTube URL:

  • 2017, Feb. 15:  Lisa McGiffert from Consumer Union:  Hospital Accountability and Health Department Engagment.  YouTube Video: 

  • 2017, Jan. 18: Amanda Rusmisell, The Essure Problems Group and Dangers Associated With the Essure Contraceptive device.   YouTube Video: 

  • 2016, Jul. 20:  Terrie Morgan-Besecker:  Investigative Reporter Terrie Morgan-Besecker discusses the controversy regarding hospital outpatient facility fees and how they can result in a surprise doubling of the cost of your medical visit.   YouTube Video 

  • 2016, Jun. 15:  Jim Bailey, MD, MPH:  The End of Healing. "Payment has nothing to do with the quality of results. It is not whether you kill or cure but how you code the claim.   YouTube Video: 

  • 2016, Mar 23:  Deena McCollum, RN,  presents on the importance of nursing in assuring healthcare quality by telling the story of the death of her father and the lapses in care which he received.   YouTube Video: 

  • 2016, Feb. 17:  Eili Klein, MD from the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy discusses the epidemiology, economics and preventive strategies of antibiotic resistant organisms.  YouTube Video:   Download Slides

  • 2016, Jan. 21:  Mark Davis, MD. presents on methods of reducing the exposure to dangerous pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis C in patients undergoing surgery.   YouTube Video:  Download Slides  Download Mutual Protection Agreement

  • 2015, Sept. 16:  L. Clifford McDonald, MD.  Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Prevention and Diagnosis of C. Difficile Infections.  YouTube Video:    View Presentation  Download Slides

  • 2015, Aug. 19:  Healthwatch USA Meeting Covering Two Topics:

  • 2015, June 17: Jason C. Pradarelli, MD, MS, Candidate 2016. Perspectives on Surgery Certification, and Credentialing with the Da Vinci Robot. University of Michigan, Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy YouTube Video:     View Presentation

  • 2015, May 15: Lawrence F Muscarella, PhD.   Prevention of Transmission of the ‘Superbug’ Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) during Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 
    LFM Healthcare Solutions, LLC.   View Presentation

  • 2015, Feb. 25:  The Bizarre Business Case for Patient Safety
    Michael L. Millenson
    presents a history of the data pointing to hospital costs savings which would be achieved by the promotion of patient safety practices. Despite this hospitals have been slow to adopt these interventions. Prevention of adverse events should not be done because it is in an institution's interest since it is their duty to prevent them. Michael L. Millenson, is a contributor to Forbes Online and on the Editorial Board of the American Journal of Medical Quality.
    You Tube Video:  
    Download Slides

  • 2014, Dec. 17:  Reduction of Surgical Infections with MRSA Screening and Decolonization
    James Davis IV, MSN, RN
    from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority presents the results of a study demonstrating a reduction in surgical site infections with MRSA screening and decolonization using chlorhexidine and mupirocin.   You Tube Video:    Download Slides
    What Nurses Have Taught Us About Ebola -- Kathy Day, RN
    Ebola Congressional Testimony by Deborah Burger, RN

  • 2014, Sept. 17:  Jeanine R. Thomas, founder of the MRSA Survivors Network giving her presentation on MRSA Surveillance which Health Watch USAsm consulted on and which she gave at the Sept. 5th, 2014 FDA Staph Workshop.   View Presentation

  • 2014, Aug 20:  Alicia Budd MPH CIC on CMS's Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction Program.  Download Slides

  • Collage of Patients Developing Advanced Stage Cancer from Uterine Morcellation 2014, June 25:  Dr. Hooman Noorchasm and Dr. Amy Reed on the dangers of Uterine Morcellation  (Picture to the right shows a collage of patients who developed advanced stage cancer from uterine morcellation.  Those with a ribbon have died.) :

    • Segment 1:  Hooman Noorchashm MD, PhD on the morcellation disaster: A root cause analysis and personal perspective.  You Tube Video: 

    • Segment 2:  Amy J. Reed MD, PhD on the morcellation disaster: A physician, patient and mother of six, gives her personal perspective.
      You Tube Video:   

    • Segment 3:  Dr Noorchashm presents his research and perspective leading to a plan of action to ban the procedure of morcellation and revising the 510K medical device approval process.   You Tube Video:  

  • 2014, May 21:  Dr. Thomas Valuck from Discern Health, presentation on How Measurement, Incentives, Information an Integration Are Driving Change.  (Dr. Valuck, has served as Senior Advisor and Medical Officer at CMS, where he advised senior agency and Department of Health and Human Services leadership regarding Medicare payment and quality of care, particularly value-based purchasing.  He also has served as Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at the National Quality Forum.) 
    View Presentation

  • 2014, Mar. 19:  Dr. Sumanth Gandra  from the CDDEP on Multidrug Resistant Organisms. 
     -- View Presentation

  • 2014, Feb. 19:  Dr. Steve Tower from Alaska presenting on complications of Metal-on-Metal implants including heavy metal (Cobalt) poisoning.
     -- View Presentation    View HD Video

  • 2014,  Jan. 15:  Peter Eisler, Reporter from USA Today, on the Background of His Kentucky MRSA Story. 

  • 2013, Sep. 11:  Dr Shari Ling. Deputy Chief Medical Officer of CMS
     -- Download PDF of PowerPoint Slides

  • 2013, Jul. 31:  Dr Patrick Conway, Chief Medical Officer of CMS
     -- Download PDF of PowerPoint Slides

  • 2013, Jun. 19:  Dr James Battles from AHRQ 
     -- Download PowerPoint Slides

  • 2013, May:  Rosemary Gibson, Author of Medicare Meltdown & Dr Gerald Hickson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at Vanderbilt.   Dr. Hickson presented on how patient complaints can predict physician malpractice risk.   
     -- Download Rosemary Gibson's Slides

  • 2011, Apr:  Helen Haskell   Download PDF of PowerPoint  
    Link to Website:

  • 2011, May:  Rosemary Gibson on Overutilization of Healthcare  Download PDF of PowerPoint
    Link to Website: 

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MRSA Picture

The pictures on the right and left are photomicrographs of
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).