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Full Disclosure of Medical Errors and Adverse Events

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Dr. Steve Kraman, Lexington KY, on How Full Disclosure Promotes Quality.
HW USA Conference Nov 7, 2014.  Y
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James Anderson on Full Disclosure of Adverse Events.
HW USA Conference Nov 7, 2014.   You Tube Video:   Presentation Slides

VA lesson: defend and deny bad health policy
Op Ed Lexington Herald Leader.  June 22, 2014.

Dr. Steve Kraman, Lexington VA on the Policy of Full Disclosure
HW USA Conference Nov 1, 2013. 
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Disclosure key to curbing medical errors; UK board should demand it.
" the policy of full disclosure was first implemented by Dr. Steven Kraman, a professor at the University of Kentucky, some 25 years ago at the Lexington Veterans Administration hospital but UK seemingly prefers non-disclosure."
Op Ed Lexington Herald Leader. Aug 11, 2013.

Don't tell' culture a plague on health care
"In 1987, the Veterans Administration hospitals in Lexington, under the direction of Dr. Steve Kraman, were the first to implement this policy in the United States. As a result, the VA saw a dramatic drop in the amount of funds spent on malpractice claims. However, instead of this practice spreading throughout Kentucky, the next health-care system to implement it was the University of Michigan.  In Kentucky, there are hospital board members who are required to sign non-disclosure forms. And we do not have public disclosure of the rate of infections at our facilities. Not only do patients have a right to know this, but non-disclosure adversely affects the ability to address any superbug epidemic on a community level."
Op Ed Lexington Herald Leader. Dec 5, 2011.