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   Should the Public Wear Masks?          
Hear what the Former FDA Chairman  Scott Gottlieb has to say:  "I think people should be contemplating wearing masks. A cotton mask- we should be putting out guidelines from the CDC on how you can develop a mask on your own." 
DYI MaskOn the right is one of the many videos showing a person making a DIY (Do It Yourself) Mask - there is no CDC or official guidance on the best way to make one.  DYI masks are intended to decrease viral spread from the wearer, if they are an unknown asymptomatic carrier.  They are not intended to prevent the wearer from becoming infected.  Thus, always maintain social distancing.     Kentucky Guidance on DIY Masks
CDC Considerations for Wearing Face Coverings
John Hopkins Instructions on How To Make A Hand Sewn Mask 
CDC Guidance on Making a Hand Sewn Mask
WHO Guidance on Cloth Masks -- How To Make and Efficacy 
AIV Filtration Masks
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