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Importance of Nursing

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2018, Jun. 27 - Support Letter:   Signed Support Letter from the Committee to Ensure Save Patient Care.  "Under this proposed ballot question, a safe maximum limit for the number of patients a nurse can care for in all areas of the hospital will be implemented to ensure that patients receive the level of professional nursing care and attention they need when they enter a Massachusetts hospital."   View Letter

2017, Nov. 3 - HW USA Conference: Said Abusalem, RN, PhD - Culture of Safety and Importance of Nursing in Long Term Care Facilities.  YouTube Video: 

2016, Apr. 16 - HW USA Meeting:     Deena McCullum Adequate Nurse Staffing & Patient Safety.   YouTube Video: 

2013, Nov. 1 - HW USA Conference:   Jeannie Cimiotti, PhD, RN, FAAN on Nursing Burnout and the Importance of a Culture of Safety   
You Tube Video:   Presentation Slides

2012, Oct 15 - Peer Reviewed Publication:  Moving Healthcare Quality Forward With Nursing-Sensitive Value-Based Purchasing.   Journal of Nursing Scholarship  . doi: 10.1111/j.1547-5069.2012.01469.x. [Epub ahead of print]   PMID: 23066956     FREE ACCESS   

2012, Jul. 14 - Book Review:  Book Review:  'Appalachian Health and Well-Being'.   Courier Journal,  July 14, 2012.   Healthy living challenge for Appalachia.      Presentation Slides

2011, Mar. 21 - Op-Ed:  UK Wrong To Downplay Loss of Nursing Honor  Herald Leader, Lexington, KY,  Mar. 21, 2011   It is important for hospitals to achieve the Magnet Recognition and to participate in the Leapfrog Group Survey.  

2010, Nov. 19 - HW USA Conference:   Jeannie Cimiotti, PhD, RN, FAAN on Nursing Workforce and Quality of Care.    You Tube Video:       Presentation Slides

2008, May 28 - Op-Ed: Hospitals Reckless to Leave Floors Short of Nurses- Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington Kentucky, May 28, 2008  Low levels of hospital staff has been reported by nurses and lack of facility cleanliness and responsiveness by patients.  Medicare is no longer paying for preventable adverse patient outcomes, Medicaid should follow suit. 

2007, Aug. 8 - Peer Reviewed Publication:  Letter to the editor In response to "Assessing nursing staffing ratios: variability in workload intensity". Policy Polit Nurs Pract. 2007 Aug;8(3):182. PMID: 18178924

2007, Apr. 16 - Op-Ed:  Too Much to Expect From Too Few Nurses - Lexington Herald Leader, Lexington Kentucky, April 16, 2007  Frontline Caregivers get little support in protecting patients. _Nursing.pdf