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30. Immune Debt Versus SARS-CoV-2 Immune Dysfunction
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm explains why Immune Dysfunction is thought by many to be the main driver of the surges in bacterial and viral infections the world is experiencing. Immune debt caused by lockdowns is an unlikely cause of the RSV surges. For example, Sweden had two large surges of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections but did not have lockdowns and had little use of masking by the public. Dr. Kavanagh presents both epidemiological, clinical and laboratory evidence to support this etiology. The overriding message is that public health interventions, such as masking and social distancing protect individuals and communities and do not cause harm. Health Watch USAsm meeting. Feb. 21, 2023.   
29. Public Health is Based on the Concern for Others - Infection Control Today Interview 
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the problem created by focusing on individual health instead of community health. Too many are only concerned about their risks and choose not to follow public health measures, such as masking, even if this places others at risk. However, one of the greatest protections is to not be exposed to the virus in the first place. Businesses are also too concerned about short-term profits and have not invested in the provision of fitted N95 masks for their employees and improvements in ventilation and UV-C germicidal lighting. We all need to be provided the same protections which were available to the CEOs at the DAVOS World Economic Forum. Infection Control Today Interview. Feb. 6, 2023.  
28.  Monkeypox: Birx Says We Are Not Ready for a New Pandemic
Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, told Infection Control Today® exclusively, “Every mistake that we made with COVID-19 in January and February of 2020, repeated in real time with monkeypox.” Infection Control Today. Aug. 18, 2022.   
 Birx: Every New Infection, Loss Should be Considered a Failure of US Medical Infrastructure  
Ambassador Deborah Birx said in an exclusive interview with ICT® that there are “extraordinary structural barriers in the US to access” medical care. Individuals may have insurance, but they cannot access care. Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, will be presenting about this topic, titled, “COVID-19 USA - Lessons and new tools to improve workplace safety “at the Frontline Worker Safety in the Age of COVID-19: A Global Perspective” a Health Watch USAs Webinar on September 14, 2022. Birx is a world-renowned medical expert and leader whose long career has focused on clinical and basic immunology, infectious disease, pandemic preparedness, vaccine research, and global health. Birx also served as a US Army Colonel and later, running some of the most high-profile and influential programs at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and US Department of State.  Infection Control Today.  Aug. 17, 2022.  
26.  Who Gets the Lung? Vaccinated or Unvaccinated?
Kevin Kavanagh, MD: “One person with COVID-19 can spend months in the ICU, which would prevent 10 or 20, non-COVID-19 cases from going to the ICU, whether it’s for a coronary bypass, or just angioplasty, or getting a cancer procedure. You have 10 or 20 times the number of patients that can’t get care for other serious illnesses.” think that there are some people who really don’t think that this is serious enough to act. And, again, that’s some of the disinformation and the idea of compound interest that “well, you know, we’re not seeing a whole lot of change this year so it’s not something we have to worry about.” I think that there will definitely be a lot of carrots out there and examples to try to encourage people to get vaccinated. On the other hand, I’m seeing some sticks starting to emerge. Singapore is starting to implement that with no longer paying for COVID-19 related illnesses that occur in people who voluntarily are unvaccinated. Infection Control Today. Nov. 26, 2021.   
25.  Animal Kingdom: COVID-19 Has So Many Hosts to Choose From.
Kevin Kavanagh, MD: “The deer apparently live with COVID-19 quite well, but, yet rapidly spread it amongst the herds. And that’s actually very problematic, because if it finds a host that it doesn’t make sick, but yet it can mutate and change and then reinfect other animals and plus mankind, that is one of the worrisome scenarios that could take place.” Infection Control Today.  Nov. 22, 2021.  YouTube Video:  
24.  Deep Dive interview - The History of Health Watch USA and Its Infection Disease Policy Initiatives. 
Infection Control Today.  Infection Control Today.  Sept. 29, 2021.  
23.  The Doctor Is On: Fields Tough Questions About COVID-19
“COVID-19 is not just respiratory, it affects every organ of the body. This is a serious type of infection. And we need to be focusing on trying to keep this virus from spreading, plus protecting our young.” The pediatric hospitals are filling. But you also need to remember that approximately 200,000 or more children have lost a caregiver to COVID-19. I mean, they can spread the disease. And it’s having a profound impact on them. And people who are not getting elective surgery, they’re not getting it because the hospitals are filling with [patients who have COVID-19]. It’s a numbers game. Vaccination is a shield, cuts it down a bit. Masks are a shield, cuts it down a bit. Put those two together, and you’re now starting to get some significant protection. You fix indoor building ventilation, you do social distancing, and now you start to formulate a workable plan of getting out of this pandemic.   Infection Control Today.  Aug. 11, 2021.    
22.  Everybody Needs to be Vaccinated and Wear a Mask
Kevin Kavanagh, MD: "The initial SARS virus is extremely deadly, and also spreads like wildfire. Luckily, it was snuffed out with public health strategies. But that virus also attached to the H2 receptor. And that’s what caused this virus to be so lethal. That’s the SARS virus. Well, the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) and SARS are similar. They’re both coronaviruses. (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that we’re currently dealing with has a lot of room to continue to mutate, and to become more infectious and more lethal." “I am convinced this virus is about one or two iterations away from completely avoiding the vaccine. And remember, we have the lambda variant and the kappa variant which are sitting out there in the wings, waiting for immunity to drop and possibly cause another wave.”  Infection Control Today.  July 27, 2021.   YouTube Video:  
21.  U.S. Should View India as Cautionary Tale
“India has the double mutation  [COVID-19] variant. That’s the variant that has two escape mutations. And that is a variant we do not need to get into the United States and have it spread. Infection preventionists need to be out there beating the drum. First in their facility: They need to get everybody vaccinated." If you sound the alarm, people may say in the United States everybody’s fine. You’re just a reactionist. But with the news coming from India, in seeing what’s going on over there, they realize that we still need to exercise caution. And if we didn’t take the steps we did last year, we certainly could have wound up just like India. India is an example of what happens if you depend upon the theory of herd immunity. And it is a disaster.  Infection Control Today.  May 5, 2021.
20.  COVID-19: Texas Opening To Soon With Invading Variants
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discuss the dangers of the recent decision of the Texas Governor removing mask mandates. The importance of vaccination and the dangers of the variants are discussed. It was stressed to safely open the economy, we need to provider workers with N95 masks and to upgrade building ventilation systems for air sanitization and more complete air exchanges. Infection Control Today. Mar. 5, 2021. (22:41)  
19.  Q&A: COVID-19 Variant Tests? ‘We’re Kind of Flying Blind’
Kevin Kavanagh, MD:   “Throughout the history of evolution, and even through the history of mankind, you’ve seen species get wiped out. You’ve seen civilizations of man fall because of infections. And the thing that differentiates us from a tadpole is our science and our knowledge. And if we don’t take advantage of that….” But even more worrisome is a set of mutations which have occurred in Brazil, in South Africa. It also has been noticed in the United Kingdom, and also in a patient up in Boston, Massachusetts. All having similar mutations and escape mechanisms, which may make these vaccines less effective. So, if the virus mutates in such a way that that spike protein is changed, then that can affect the vaccine’s ability to kill that virus, along with affecting our ability to detect it. You may have false negatives now coming about from some of these variants. And we will not know that the patient actually has COVID-19 by a laboratory test.  Infection Control Today.  Feb. 12, 2021.   Transcript of Interview:   
YouTube Video:
18.  Q&A: COVID Variants Pose a Deadly Threat
Willpower. That’s what’s missing, says Kevin Kavanagh, MD, a member of Infection Control Today®’s Editorial Advisory Board. “We have the technology to do it,” Kavanagh tells ICT®. “We just don’t have the willpower. I mean, we know how it spreads, we know how to kill it, we should be able to stop it cold in its tracks.” And because of that lack of willpower among the public, there’s a real danger that the variants of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) that have cropped up will stop being variants and become commonplace, But what’s very distressing about the South African and the Brazilian variants is that they’ve mutated enough that it appears that they can evade our monoclonal antibody therapeutics. And they may be moderately resistant to the vaccines.  Infection Control Today.  Jan. 29, 2021.  
YouTube Video:
17.  Q&A: COVID-19 Is Here to Stay
"...just the fact that animals can catch COVID-19 is just one of the reasons that makes the disease endemic, says Kavanagh. “We really do need to learn to live with the virus,” Kavanagh tells ICT®. “Things will get much better, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate this virus off the face of the earth, similar to what we did with smallpox.” On the other hand, Kavanagh believes that the new COVID-19 vaccines will be effective against the variants of the disease that have recently cropped up. “Because as you know, a vaccine causes a myriad of antibodies to be formed to that spike protein. And a virus would have to evade every single one of them to be successful. And that’s a tall order.”  Infection Control Today.  Jan. 6, 2021.    YouTube Video:
YouTube Video:  
16.  COVID-19: Infection Control Today - Reviews Past Interviews With Dr. Kevin Kavanagh
Frank Diamond of Infection Control Today reviews segments of interviews from 2020 from Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USA(sm). Topics of who we will transform to a new normal and not go back to the old along with the dangers of letting the virus surge and outstripping our resources are discussed. Infection Control Today. Dec. 21, 2020. 
15.  Q&A: ‘Arguing’ Before the Supreme Court
When I read the thought process behind the Supreme Court decision, I did not feel it was a church-versus-state decision, more than saying, “Hey, we need to do everything equally.” And that’s extremely important in infection control. You cannot have some high-risk facilities open and others closed. That’s not only not fair, but it also won’t control the pandemic. As you know, we’ve written extensively and talked extensively about control of MRSA [Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus], and how the recommendations between hospitals and nursing homes do not coincide with each other.   Infection Control Today.  Dec. 1, 2020. 
14.  Healthcare Workers Hit by COVID Need Workers Comp
"Kevin Kavanagh, MD. In a wide-ranging discussion, Kavanagh—a member of Infection Control Today®’s Editorial Advisory Board—says that the nation isn’t doing nearly enough to help those on the frontlines battling the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Kavanagh says that “these frontline healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk, and also the lives of their families and loved ones. And they need to be given support; at least proper protective equipment. In my opinion, they should get presumptive workers comp, if they start to develop problems. This is a significant problem.” The public isn’t taking the disease seriously enough and leaders are not leading."  Infection Control Today.  Nov. 17, 2020.  
13.  COVID Vaccine: What Infection Preventionists Need to Know
Kevin Kavanagh, MD: "Infection preventionists will need to make sure that they still have access to adequate PPE, even if the vaccine comes out [and they] really need to look at the experimental group that was used for the EUA."  And believe me, if I was a frontline healthcare worker at my age, a vaccine would really have to have a lot of complications and concerns before I would not get it. Now that's just a personal view. Because if it adds any armor to protect me from a highly infectious disease that's very prevalent in our community, that has a high rate of fatality, and even a higher rate of chronic disability, I would opt for that vaccine. Infection Control Today.  Oct. 30, 2020.     
12.  Q&A: Are Infection Preventionists Being Misinformed?
Kevin Kavanagh, MD: "Many of the infection preventionists over the last six months now have more experience than many of the policymakers up in DC, because they’ve lived it firsthand. And they’ve seen how COVID-19 can spread. And they’re starting to develop a good idea of how to stop it." "There have been a number of statements from the CDC or at least with the CDC label on it, which have been disturbing," Kavanagh tells ICT®. Some of those disturbing statements can be attributed to the fact that the CDC and the rest of the world didn’t quite know what it was dealing with, but not all of them. Kavanagh worries that political pressure may be at work. One of the ways infection preventionists (IPs) can educate themselves is to look at what’s being done in other countries, and read the comments under pre-print studies. Also, experience counts, and IPs have now had months of dealing with the coronavirus. Infection Control Today.  Oct. 9, 2020.
11.  Infection Preventionists Needed at Schools
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, from Health Watch USAsm sits down with Infection Control Today® to discuss the myriad of challenges involved in making our schools safe for children to protect them not only from COVID-19, but many other dangerous pathogens, as well. Discussed is the need for better air filtration and sensitization, along with 6 to 8 complete air exchanges per hour. In addition, podding & testing of students, wearing masks, hand hygiene and social distancing are imperatives to open schools safely. Infection Control Today. Sept. 10, 2020. Transcript:   YouTube Video: 
10.  COVID-19: Seasonal Flu and COVID-19 a Dud or Devastation It is Up To You
Kevin T. Kavanagh, MD, MS, Infection Control Today Editorial Board Member discusses the dangers of simultaneous occurrence of COVID-19 and the flu epidemics. The seasonal flu has all but disappeared in much of the Southern Hemisphere underscoring the importance of wearing masks, social distancing and hand hygiene. Although, still very important, the lack of samples may make the flu vaccine more problematic than in previous years. Also, discussed are topics of lasting immunity to COVID-19, the false narrative of Herd Immunity and organized social media misinformation. Frank Diamond, Editor - Infection Control Today. Aug. 18, 2020.  

9.  COVID-19: The Need For A National Tracking System Of Dangerous Pathogens
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the need for a national tracking system for dangerous pathogens and how the recent reassignment of tracking from the CDC to the Department of Health and Human Services is ill timed and it would have been preferable to improve the CDC's NHSN reporting system. Infection Control Today. July 28, 2020,   
8.  COVID-19: Experience in Other Countries.
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the 2019 COVID-19 International Webinar which was organized with the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Most nations underestimated the lethality and infectivity of SARS-CoV-2. As more knowledge was gained public health guidance in various countries changed and their public changed their behavior. In the United States the changing narrative created mistrust and the public did not follow guidance. Internationally two main strategies emerged: The first strategy was a hard close down of the economy and when cases bottomed out, aggressive case tracking was started. The second strategy was universal use of masks. Case definitions differ widely between countries and the best comparison can be made using the rate of excess deaths as calculated by comparing historical death rates with the current observed death rates. Preparation was also key to confronting the pandemic. Singapore had a stockpile of three N-95 masks per resident of the country and had an operational cellphone tracking system for case tracking. The advantage of a universal healthcare system was also evident when an outbreak in migrant workers spread to other segments in the society and caused another wave in the nation. COVID-19 Videos from Infectious disease experts from The Netherlands, Singapore and Spain can be viewed at .  Infection Control Today.  July 27, 2020.  
7.  COVID-19: The Perfect Storm - The History of the Ineffective Disease Policy
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm traces the history of the ineffective infectious disease policy regarding the USA's attempt to stop the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic. A historical perspective is given, covering President George Bush's 2005 proposal of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act to the disastrous second peak of the first wave which was associated with continued supply disruptions, lack of testing and an uncoordinated Federal Response. (23:05) Question period discussed hydroxychloroquine's efficacy and inter-country infection rate comparisons. (Last 6 mins) Health Watch USA & the Massachusetts Nursing Association 2020 COVID-19 Conference.  July 15, 2020.
6.  Q&A: Pool Testing Might Be Needed to Slow COVID's Spread
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, the founder of Health Watch USAsm, has been sounding the alarm about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) for the beginning. He tells Infection Control Today that it might be time for pool or community testing. Infection Control Today.  July 3, 2020.  ICT: 
5.  COVID-19: Importance of the Public Wearing Masks
Dr Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses the importance of the public wearing masks and how the economy should safely reopen. He stresses the difficulties in opening tattoo parlors, hair salons gyms and indoor dinning. He also discusses the importance of Infection Preventionests and new CMS regulations. Infection Control Today.  Jun. 22, 2020. 
4.  Q & A: Reopening After COVID-19 Needs to be Done Carefully
Kevin Kavanagh, MD, the board chairman of the patient advocacy group Health Watch USAsm, talks to Infection Control Today about the perils of reopening too quickly and the value of cloth masks. Infection Control Today. May 28, 2020.

3.  COVID-19 Dangers of Opening the Economy too quickly.
Dr. Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses how the economy should be reopened. The virus is very dangerous, more contagious and more lethal than the flu. Deaths are mounting and many patients may have lasting disability. The key to opening our economy is making the workers and consumers safe. Workers are concerned regarding returing to their jobs, they need safety equipment, PPE, and all must wear masks. Cutting off all benefits is setting the stage of social unrest. A start would be to enact universal healthcare. Infection Control Today.  May 6, 2020. 
2.  How do we find reliable information? Infection Control Today
Kevin Kavanagh from Health Watch USAsm discusses COVID-19 and how to identify reliable information. The speed to publish, retrospective studies and industrial biases muddies study results as we need the answers immediately in a dangerous progressing epidemic.
The hydroxychloroquine is used as an example of misinformation which has been all but disproven in subsequent research studies. Recommendations are based upon data available and will change as recommendations will change as data improves. Infection Control Today.  May 1, 2020. 
1.  Importance of Masks for the Public & PPE for Healthcare Workers -- Infection Control Today
Kevin Kavanagh, MD from Health Watch USAsm which discusses with Infection Control Today's Editor Frank Diamond the need and importance of the public having access to masks and the importance of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. Infection Control Today.  March 31, 2020. (16:00)
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